The Crocadillo

“Many years ago a mad scientist who lived in the cardboard castle was experimenting on animals and he managed to merge a crocodile and an armadillo. Two of them escaped and made a home on our island, where they have bred but they are very shy animals and mainly come out to eat at night, when the live of the leftovers left behind by campers.”

Amanda Foister, CEO.

“On Marlow Island there is a ‘shed’ on the end nearest Longridge. However this ‘shed’ is actually the secret entrance to a WW2 bunker. As the Allied Forces weren’t doing too well, they tasked their brightest minds with coming up with new and interesting solutions to win the war! The scientists looked to nature, as Mother Nature had done pretty well with creating various animals so far. Through a series of genetic experiments, they came up with a variety of animals. These included;!the Chuck, a cross between a chicken and a duck, that could run fast, swim and also fly fairly fast as well. The Chuck was used as a messenger bird, carrying orders and such. You may still occasionally see one on the banks of the River Thames in the twilight of a Summer’s evening.
Another animal was the Liger, a cross between a lion and a tiger, pack hunters that could grow to huge sizes and were used as a form of mobile infantry, striking at enemy positions without warning, or ambushing enemy patrols. All of the Ligers now live in Africa after they were set free there.
The scientists had covered the air and the land, but they were still struggling with a creature for the water. Finally they came up with the idea of an underwater type tank, crossing a crocodile with an armadillo. It had the armoured body of the armadillo, with the arms, legs, head and tail of a crocodile.
Unfortunately during the process, of creating the Crocodillo, there was a thunder storm and it escaped. It now roams the stretch of the Thames between Marlow weir and Cookham.
Over the years, some have grown to a huge size, as big as the Dragon boats at Longridge. However don’t worry as it is vegetarian and doesn’t eat people, only weeds.” 

Stuart Cox

The Creature

He’s long and he’s shiny often wet let us say
And he lives in the river at Longridge hooray!

Not many have seen him but some say he’s green
With grey bits as well, he’s not often seen

The general opinion is that he’s unique
How good it would be if the creature could speak

Well he can’t we don’t think but what is he, who knows?
A mix of some sort, eight feet long we suppose

His back is like armour in sections that link
He looks awfully heavy in water he’d sink

Part armadillo, with crocodile legs
A very long nose, with teeth big as pegs

How he got here to Marlow is anyone’s guess
And the nest that he’s built is a bit of a mess

He’s friendly and winks always in a good mood
In the river he splashes for fave fishy food

Our own crocadillo, yes our own, yes he’s ours
For dessert after fish he likes munching on flowers

He does need a name he might come when we call
He snores when asleep, doesn’t smell much at all

Let’s keep him our secret, not many should know
On his own in the world keep him safe not on show

We feed him some treats whatever he needs
Like nuts with some berries and fat crunchy seeds

His teeth are quite sharp and need to be clean
So far with mouth open we count seventeen

There are bound to be more, some long and some short
It’s a crocodile mouth there’ll be loads we all thought

Imagine the toothbrush he’d need for a clean
The toughest strong bristles that you’ve ever seen

A very long handle to get everywhere
Crocadillos, like us, should treat teeth with some care

From his nose to his tail to us he’s a star
He came here to Marlow from somewhere quite far

Did he swim, did he walk, did he come on the bus
Doesn’t matter we’re thrilled that he came and chose us.


G MOTLEY 14.11.19